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Nathan Sawaya says his Art of the Brick Exhibition at the Discovery Times Square is his “largest showing of artwork to date.” How can any Lego lover not be in awe of “the largest solo display of LEGO® art ever assembled”? The exhibition runs through January 5th, 2014, so I have got to see this the next time I’m in NYC.

The Art of the Brick Comes to Times Square! — Nathan Sawaya — The Art of the Brick.

I found this newspaper clip on flickr and couldn’t help but be in awe of this remarkable piece of Lego craftsmanship. This minifigure scale model of the HMS Hood of the Royal Navy is absolutely remarkable. Edwin Diment, the model builder, has chronicled this build with almost two hundred photos on flicker. See the HMS Hood Lego model photos here!

If you are not already familiar with his work, Nathan Sawaya’s artistry is absolutely incredible.  I especially love the creations of the human form, made entirely of Lego bricks.  Check out his gallery!

Welcome to BrickFan.net!

Well, it’s about time I built a side dedicated to my love of Lego!  My kids are getting old enough to enjoy my collection and begin building collections of their own.

Over the next couple of months, I am going to try to build all of my sets.  It’s been more than ten years since I’ve done this, so it will be quite fun.  I’m looking forward to taking pictures and sharing them with the world.  As each set is built, I’ll post some photos and some personal history about the set.  At last count, I had well over 200 sets, so it may take a while.  But that’s part of the fun!

I look forward to meeting other Lego lovers and sharing thoughts, ideas, and pictures with everyone.  If you are a Lego fan, let me know!  I’d love to see some of your collections and creations and would be happy to share them with the world here.

Let the adventure begin!